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Mad Men Fashion

mad men fashion

    men fashion

  • Fashion, a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style.


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mad men fashion – Mad Men:

Mad Men: The Illustrated World
Mad Men: The Illustrated World
MAD MEN: THE ILLUSTRATED WORLD is an engaging celebration of the life and times of the ‘mad men’ of Madison Avenue in the early 1960s. This book is by turns funny, kitschy, sophisticated and wry, and this full colour miscelleny is both a memento and a stand-alone salute to the time of slim suits, prosperity, cocktails, and the golden age of advertising. With chapters on the office, the home, fashion and beauty, mainstream and counterculture, travel and rainy day activities, this all-encompassing anthology is the only companion a fan will ever need. The only official MAD MEN publication, this tie-in to the wildly popular and cult television series captures the spirit of the era as it might be imagined on one of Sal Ramano’s storyboards.

As swingin’ as the 1960s-an officially licensed tie-in to the wildly popular hit television series Mad Men

By turns fun, sophisticated, and celebratory, this is an eye-popping and inventive companion to the hit show Mad Men, as well as a salute to the era of cocktails and Camelot. Inspired by the artistic styles that defined 1960s advertising, Dyna Moe creates a candy-colored record of the time, exploring such topics as:

• The office culture, including secretary etiquette and hangover workarounds
• The cocktail craze, with Sally Draper’s cocktail menu
• Pastimes and fads, such as Pete and Trudy’s dancing lessons and Bert Cooper’s art
• ’60s icons from Jackie to Marilyn
• Boardroom and bedroom shenanigans
• The burgeoning suburban lifestyle
• Fabulous fashion, including hairstyle how-tos and bonus paper dolls of Joan

A Closer Look at Mad Men: The Illustrated World
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Mad Men Skirt Front View

Mad Men Skirt Front View
Part of my outfit of the week. A tailored skirt, to fit just like a glove and reminding me of that AMC original show Mad Men.

Blouse – Banana Republic

Belt – Target

Skirt – Jcrew

Stockings – Donna Karan

Mad Men Party

Mad Men Party
I threw a Mad Men party the other night.

dress: Banana Republic
necklace and brooch: antique market
shoes: Wal-Mart
pearl earrings: H&M
bouffant hair: lots of hairspray

mad men fashion

mad men fashion

Stuhrling Original Men's 255.331654 Sportsmans Collection The Mad Man Automatic Date Watch
Here we have a watch with dual personalities. On one hand it can function as a sport watch due to its innovative and unique design, but on the other hand it can also be a boardroom piece because of its impressive presence and size. Say hello to a Stuhrling Original timepiece that makes one of the most prominent impressions in our entire collection: the Mad Man. In particular, the Stuhrling Original Men’s Sportsmans Collection The Mad Man Grey Dial Automatic Date Watch is loud. It screams for attention, and with the shear amount of detail we’ve put into this timepiece, not noticing it would be nothing short of insanity. The Mad Man’s ultra urban design makes it a member of the Metro Collection. Its rectangular case actually wears much larger than it looks. Measuring in at 42.6mm from 9H-3H and 52.7mm from 12H to 6H, the Mad Man has a case equivalency of 53mm if it were a round timepiece. The dial work is simply amazing. Rather than settling for a solid color, the dial is split into two distinct and contrasting shades of gray, a part of why it was called the Mad Man: its two personalities fight for attention, and yet they complement each other so well. The upper portion of the dial is decorated with Cotes Circulaire, whole the lower portion, from 3H to 8H, received a matte finish. Sweeping across the bottom of the dial is the quick set date arc whose plate turns along with the movement. As an additional aesthetic touch, the numerals, markers, and hands were treated with Luminova for an easy read in the dark.


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